DJ Willie Shu

Will Best

Never afraid to take risks DJ/Producer Willie Shu has jumped to the forefront of the Twin Cities music scene and has his eyes set on the world. Carving a niche out in Urban Electronic music Shu is able to push boundaries with his high-energy presentation.

Willie Shu’s work has taken him coast to coast playing alongside famed artists like Dwele, Black Eyed Peas, The Internet, Grandmaster Flash, Har Mar Superstar, K Theory, and Nina Sky. His “Shunami’ mixtape series is one in a long list of tongue-in-cheek features that you will find in his popular social media posts. With his deadpan sense of humor “Shu-nasty” describes himself as a “sound system devouring sex tornado.”

Fused with a style spanning various musical landscapes, his monthly dance nights (including the notoriously sold out ‘Turnt Up’ parties), live on-air performances, and private event appearances have established him as a musical influencer for premium functions. His resume includes work with Fortune 500 corporations like Coca-Cola and Whirlpool, fashion brands like Neff, features in print and online publications, and production work for major label recording artists like Chester French.

Twitter: @willieshu
Instagram: willieshu