With the ever-present raw topicality, soul-baring writing, and classic microphone skills in Freez’s raps, he’s become a staple of Minneapolis’ storied Southside hip-hop scene. Meticulously technical flows and unflinching subject matter are immediately recognizable in every song Freez touches, but his open-book sensibilities push material beyond the verbal acrobatics. Combining a laid-back demeanor with rapid-fire rhyme patterns, Freez makes it look easy.

Freez embodies both the hungry up-and-comer and the respected O.G.: Freestyling and dropping projects since a teenager every new musical venture maintains the passionate approach of his early days. Cutting his teeth with the diverse stylings of his group Illuminous 3 (with longtime collaborators Franz Diego and Tufawon), hes grown well-versed in songwriting, throwing shows, and connecting with audiences. He’s since become a fixture in the Minneapolis rap scene, and aims to push still further.

Teaming up with producer Mike Frey for 2011’s “You Are Here”, Freez displayed his trademark vocal dexterity over a range of smooth boom-bap, writing both introspective and trash-talking tracks with an eager consistency. He’s prepping for the release of his second record with Frey “Freez’s Frozen French Freys,” which finds him tightening his writing and fluidly weaving the multiple strands of influence. Freez’s music is hard but honest, a snapshot of the realities of his life displayed with an unfettered sense of style and grit.